“SlimLite™ is the lightest aluminium table yet from Burgess.”


The patented SlimLite™ range of lightweight folding tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are our lightest table yet.


With a wide choice of either flock or laminate top finishes and a variety of sizes up to 2.4m in length, the SlimLite™ range of banquet tables is a great choice for any hospitality venue.


All SlimLite™ tables conform to the recommended EU guidelines for lifting weights in the workplace, and the ease of transportation and storage with our table truck.


Folding Leg System
The patented spring-loaded folding leg system is a smooth positive action locking the legs into position when open and holding the legs securely with a magnetic catch when closed. HPL Classic

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  Folding table Folding table Folding table Folding table
Model No Size Weight
BSL1245 120 x 45cm 5.5kg
BSL1545 150 x 45cm 7.0kg
BSL1845 180 x 45cm 9.0kg
BSL2045 200 x 45cm 10.0kg
BSL2245 220 x 45cm 12.0kg
BSL1260 120 x 60cm 6.5kg
BSL1560 150 x 60cm 9.0kg
BSL1860 180 x 60cm 9.5kg
BSL8075 80 x 75cm 7.8kg
BSL1275 120 x 75cm 8.8kg
BSL1575 150 x 75cm 8.8kg
BSL1875 180 x 75cm 10.9kg
BSL2475 240 x 75cm 13.5kg
Model No Size Weight
BSL15Sc 150cm ∅ 8.0kg
BSL18Sc 180cm ∅ 12.0kg


Model No Size Weight
BSL9D 90cm ∅ 9.5kg
BSL12D 120cm ∅ 12.0kg
BSL15D 150cm ∅ 14.5kg
BSL16D 160cm ∅ 17.5kg
BSL18D 180cm ∅ 19.5kg
Model No Size Weight
BSLDD 200 x 150cm 19.0kg


All tables are 73.5cm high as standard



Table Truck - TTE4M

Sub-divided into three sections for ease of loading either round, rectangular or half round tables on their edges.



HPL Classic