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Burgess Furniture supply quality, best value, durable hotel, conference and banqueting furniture. Designed with comfort and style in mind, our range of chairs, tables and accessories will ensure that your guests can sit comfortably whilst still providing the very best overall value for money. One of our latest chairs is the Orvia, this chair being awarded the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award in 2012. The same thought processes and care can be seen throughout our range of chairs and tables, everyone created with your customer in mind.

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Chairs for Conferences, Banquets, Hotels, and Lecture Halls

There are twenty complementary collections of hotel banqueting & conference chairs to choose from, including the exciting new Junea and Inicio ranges. Our chairs are manufactured with discerning clients in the hotel, banqueting, conference and leisure markets in mind and are available in a wide variety of frame finishes. There is also several ranges of different fabrics available, these can be selected from Burgess swatches or as specified by the customer.

Tables for Conferences & Banquets

Tables - Our comprehensive ranges of folding & storable tables for banquets and conferences are manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for a wide variety of uses. All are designed to occupy the minimum amount of space when not in use and are easily transportable, trolleys and dollies being available.

Lecterns, Staging, Dance Floors, Screens and other Accessories

Burgess offers a wide range of accessories for your conference or banquet, including portable staging and dance floors, room service trolleys, lecterns and table skirtings / coverings, all from our manufacturing base in Feltham England. Please see the other pages on the site for our extensive range of conference and banqueting accessories.

Burgess operates world-wide

From our manufacturing base in Felham England, employing over 120 people, Burgess Furniture supplies over 50 countries around the world, with overseas sales offices in Germany and Dubai plus a joint manufacturing unit in the USA. Export success has been driven through a network of distributors, agents all supported through the new website and marketing materials.

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Some additional Helpful Information to consider when purchasing chairs and furniture for your business

Some interesting information on how to choose hotel or conference furniture

When it comes to setting the ambiance and feel of a hotel, one of the most important consideration is the furnishings. What furniture you choose will influence the first impressions of your visitors, and may impact on how highly they rate their stay and whether they choose to return or tell their friends how good their stay was. Here are some of the pointers which you should be keeping in mind when you make your furniture selection.

Budget Considerations

Although furniture is not something to be compromised on, even a five star establishment must be very clear on what their budget constrictions are. Smaller and lower priced hotels may be able to achieve a higher end look for less by purchasing good quality reconditioned furniture, but if you intend on charging your guests a little more for their stay then the furnishings must reflect that. Typically, the price of the furniture will be dependent on the quality of the wood, metal, cushions and fabrics used. Think of it as in investment, as high quality furniture often means better durability.

When working out your budget, don't forget to factor in additional costs such as delivery, labour and installation work. Furnishing a hotel or conference centre is a large-scale job.

Think About Style

The cost of a piece of furniture is not your only consideration - you must also be mindful of the style and decor of your establishment, and how this reflects the tastes of your customers and users. For example, with a hotel, a well designed establishment should have a consistent theme which links every part of the premises, whether it is the lobby or the bedrooms. If a guest picked your hotel based on the luxurious and sumptuous decor in the bedrooms then they may be disappointed if they find that the hotel's restaurant is furnished in a clean, modern style.

Because so many people pick accommodation based on pictures they have seen in a brochure or online, you will also benefit from choosing furniture which photographs well. Hiring a stylist or designer to give their opinion or advice can be money well spent if it helps to entice more people to book a stay at your hotel.

Practical Considerations for Furniture Choices

Naturally, with a high turnover of visitors, you will want to choose furniture which will stand up well to daily wear and tear. But you should also be thinking about less obvious factors, such as how easy the furniture will be to keep clean. Upholstered furniture is more comfortable and inviting, but you will need to consider the long term expense of cleaning and maintaining it.

The climate of the area might have also have some bearing on which furniture you opt for. If you live an area which is either damp or has high humidity then wooden furniture will warp over time, which will impact on the aesthetics of a piece and can even loosen the joins.

Making Your Purchase

Once you have chosen furniture which suits the establishment’s theme, is durable and within budget then you will need to work out the size of your order. To avoid inconvenience and confusion, it is a good idea to get everything in writing. This will prevent disagreements over how many pieces were ordered, or what finishes and materials were agreed. Once the dealer has provided a delivery date, other arrangements can start to be made for fitting, to minimize disruption.

Running a successful hotel, banqueting hall, or conference centre can be challenging. Choosing furniture which creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere will go a long way towards impressing your customers.

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