We have a comprehensive collection of accessories available to complement our ranges of chairs and tables, including barrier systems, dance floors, lecterns, screens, staging, table skirting, chair covers, trucks & trolleys and everything required for a successful banquet or conference.

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Conference, Hotel & Banqueting Accessories

Burgess Furniture supply high quality, best value and the most durable hotel conference and banqueting accessories and furniture that can be bought in the World today. This has been our focus for over half a century.


Besides tables and chairs, we also supply dance floors, lecterns, screens, staging, stacking chair trolleys, barrier systems and just everything required for a successful banquet or conference.


Barrier Systems and Folding Screens

The method of creating the barrier can be either a rope or a tape, each being available in different colours. The posts themselves can also be finished off with a ball or coronet post heads.


The tape system is called the ‘Flexi Range’ and has an innovative rewinding mechanism with a maximum length of 3M, the tape being remarkably strong tape.


Bi Fold Screens

Like our barrier systems, these can be used to divide up rooms. Our Folding Bi-Fold screen system can be manufactured to your exact requirements and all are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, the frame finish also being variable to suit your needs. However in this instance, they can also screen off areas of the room, thus adding to privacy whilst helping to dampen down any noise that is present.


They are therefore ideal for screening off a part of any room in a stylish manner, whilst being easy to set up and use.


Chair Covers

Our chair covers fit over our entire range of chairs and are ideal when trying to create that special finishing touch. Each chair cover is specifically designed for each product, including all our stacking chairs, so when ordering please be sure to select the chair in question.


There are four chair cover designs to select from, a full range of colours in each of many fabrics being available. This allows you to match the décor of your room décor or even the table linen.

Dance Floors

We can supply a wide range of dance floors, these being available in finishes from polished wood parquet to the more modern high gloss variety. All types are supplied with an aluminium border trim. To make things even easier, these portable dance floors can be supplied complete with a PUBLOK caddy, so storing and moving the floor is as easy at it can get.



Lecterns can be supplied in the traditional wood style, as well as in a modern / contemporary style, our Lectrum Aero Series leading the way. These lecterns have concealed reading lights, microphone inputs, a LCD clock and come with an integrated space for your logo. Each Lecturn includes concealed cables, as well as lips to support documents. They are free standing and folding too, so again storage is easy.


Conference Staging and Stages

We offer four ranges for conference staging. The Centrefold portable staging system has a positive locking mechanism, which holds the halves of the platform securely in position. Additionally, weight has been significantly reduced by virtue of a lightweight but strong aluminium rim assembly, thus allowing for easier transportation and erection.

Our Ultralight Staging range offers incredible strength and is ideally suited to temporary installations.


Besides these two there are two lightweight options, the Praktikus and Unistage. Both offer easy storage (the former only being 9cm in height when stacked), whilst the latter is extremely light.


Tables and Stage Skirting

Tables and stage skirting is available in three heading styles, shirred, double accordion or box, all being manufactured to your exact design and needs.


Stacking Chair and Folding Table Trolleys and Trucks

One of the biggest issues when choosing furniture for conferences and hotels, is just how easy is it to set up, take down and store, thus the ability to move them about with the minimum of fuss is vital. Burgess comes up trumps again here, as our stacking chair trolleys and folding table trucks allow easy and efficient movement and storage.


Room Service Trolleys

Our range of room service trolleys are available with three different shaped tops and have trifold flaps which fold both up and down and lock for storage. Each trolley has a standard height of 76cm with 12.5cm castors, two of them being braked. Accessories such as food warmer boxes and caddies are available.

Room service or "in-room dining" is a hotel service enabling guests to choose menu items for delivery to their hotel room for consumption there. The Room service section of a hotel could well be set up as a subdivision within the catering department in the case of high-end hotels, but today the whole area is under attack from the 'grab and go' approach, this no doubt being caused by the extra time and money saving pressures on business guests.


However, when a hotel or other establishment does want to offer room service, it will, especially in the case of luxury hotels, really want to make an impression, and what better way is there than a really good looking and highly functional room service trolley.


These trolleys come in a variety of styles and designs, some being mobile tables as well as holding the food for the guest. Some will be finished in shining metal, others in wood. Some fold up really small, some even come with food heaters installed to make sure that the guests refreshments arrive piping hot. In hotter climates there are no doubt some with cool boxes of some description.


If your hotel or conference centre is thinking of providing room service and wants to do it better than just delivering on trays, then a set of room service trolleys is just what you need. Talk to us and let us take you through all the possibilities.



In many cases food is not served on tables in the restaurant area, but in a buffet style. This however presents another problem, as you then need to be able to display the food in a manner that both creates the right impression and takes up the least space? This is where our BuffetCube system comes into its own.


Each cube comes with folding underframes and can have a laminate or a laminated glass top, both of which are detachable. They also are available in four different heights, this allowing you to create a ‘buffet landscape’ to suit the occasion.


The underframes can be provided with solid powder or chromed finishes.


Trolleys to move these buffetcubes to their storage area are also available.


Steel & Style Buffet Tables

If our BuffetCubes don’t match your requirements then our ‘Steel & Style’ buffet tables may be just the ticket. We developed these with Hilton of Germany. These are available in a range of sizes and styles, there even being a triangular shaped table that allows you to create or use corners in your buffet area.


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